Wilderness Expedition Trip 1

Spent the last 2 nights in the Sandwich Range Wilderness of the White Mountain National Forest.  Departed Friday morning around 8am with my PSU Wilderness Expedition class.  Hiked in off of highway 113 just off Whiteface Interval Road.  About a 2 mile hike on Flat Mountain Pond Trail to Bennett Street Trail where we set up a bear fence and dropped our weekend packs and took Bennett Street trail up to Sandwich Dome (3,993′).  Such a great view of Mt. Washington and the Tripyrmids.  Also views of Welch and Dickey and Mt. Moosilauke off in the west.  Image

We reached the summit of Sandwich Dome around 2:15pm and enjoyed about 10 minutes atop before heading back to our 50lbs packs.

The hike over to Flat Mountain Pond Shelter was gradual and mainly on an old railway road.  We found a few old stakes from the tracks as well as some cogs.  Beautiful camp ground at Flat Mountain Pond.  The wind over the weekend was quite forceful and you could hear it breaking the ice on the pond up.  It sounded like sheets of metal being shaken… very eery!


Day two was spent working with the GPS’.  Used them to find a Geocach around the pond.  The hike on day two was spent bushwacking and mainly learning how to navigate with the GPS and waypoints.  Fun day, lots of up and downs but it was nice to travel off trail.  The campsite for night two was along a brooke off of Whiteface River.  Colder night than night one with way more clouds.

Day three was a breeze.  Short hike to the trail head where we broke down group gear and consolidate what was left over from food.  Unfortunately we over-packed with food.  Good lesson to learn, next trip we will be sure to not over-pack food.  Not fun carrying food you don’t end up eating!

Overall great weekend.  Spent it with a good people in great locations.  The more time I spend outdoors the more and more comfortable I get.  My travel and camping skills are improving every time I’m out and it’s making me want to take on more and more challenges within the mountains.

Thanks for reading.  Cheers.


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