Torn Muscles

Cool looking climb huh?  It is.  This climb is called Giant Man and its located in Rumney, NH.  This climb kicked my ass.  Literally I tore my left glute from this exact move.  It sucks.  I’m a little depressed haha.  But I will recover and when I do I am coming right back to this climb and I’m giving it another go!

Amanda, Brent, Andrew and I went out to Rumney this past Tuesday after class and tore it up on the rocks.  We started our day with a nice hike up to the Hinterlands area and cruised up Jolt, Dolt and a nice arete.  Afterwards we headed over to Giant Man and all gave that a go.  To start Giant Man you climb a nice 5.7 slab route and then rest up before hitting the roof.  After getting down from my attempt I was able to snap some pictures of Brent and Andrew on Giant Man.



Amanda on Jolt.

After a great day of climbing (regardless of the torn hamstring I had an awesome day of climbing) we headed to Biedermans to enjoy a tasty IPA and delicious tuna sub loaded with veggies and pepper jelly! Such a beautiful sandwich made by beautiful people! (Thanks Tyler and Emily)

To end the night we celebrated the final hours of Amandas birthday and the early hours of my birthday down at secret beach with a great crew of people along with a warm fire.  I may say this too much but I am very grateful for the friends and community of people that I have met here in Plymouth.  I feel very at home and welcome here in New Hampshire and am drawn to the beautiful landscapes we are surrounded with.

Cheers to good friends and good climbs!

2 thoughts on “Torn Muscles

    1. Hopefully not to long (turns out its my glute muscle actually). I start PT on Monday and am shooting for a recovery by the end of May. Thanks for checking out the site. Keep posting about your adventures! Cheers.


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