St. Croix River Expedition

Hello all!  Sorry I have been slacking on the posts.  I returned from Maine a week ago and have been busy with PSU Orientation since.  I just put a squash lasagna in the oven so I have a few minutes to spare!

Fearless leader, Chad

We set out for Vancebrough, Maine on Monday the 21st.  We arrived and put out canoes into Spednix Lake and traveled a short mile before camping on the Canadian side of the River.

Day two we set out around 9am and had to portage our canoes and gear around a dam and check in with US Customs.  After repacking canoes we ran the Kill Me Quick rapids.  A Class II rapid.  The water was low so it was a breeze to paddle through.

Day three we set out from camp and paddled a total of nine miles on the river to Babies Grave Campsite.  We spotted a few Bald Eagles along the way and had a chance to run Little Falls Rapid.

Map reading
Brent and Noah tearing it up

Before running Little Falls we had another portage opportunity and carried gear around the falls so we could run it with empty boats.

Portage Trail around Little Falls


It was a good decision to portage gear around the falls because Chris and I decided to go swimming our first run down the rapid.

Too hard of a J Stroke sent us into the rapid sideways

Determined to run the rapid we grabbed the boat and gave it a second run.



I will post more about the expedition later.  My squash Lasagna is ready to eat!


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