Summer Expedition

Hello again world and thanks for stopping by!  I have recently just returned from a twenty day expedition and am ready to post some photos for all you reading this.

The first portion of the expedition was spent on the Allagash River in Northern Maine traveling from Churchill Dam North to the town of Allagash.  The entire trip was filled with wild life sightings from Moose along the river to Loons calling out in the evenings as well as Bald Eagles swooping across the river to wild Partridges jumping out from downed trees.  The weather was great and the water high.

After an amazing time on the Allagash River our expedition team headed to Rumney, NH for four days of climbing.  Introducing the sport of climbing to a group of sixteen year olds was quite rewarding.  By the end of the four days the students were crushing 5.9s and always wanting to be on the rope.

Our final section of the expedition was spent back in beautiful Maine but this time along the sea coast.  Our team paddled from Muscongus Bay to the town of Stonington just past East Penobscot Bay.

Let me just say this now;  If you have never paddled the coast of Maine, do it.  It’s such a beautiful place and the amount of accessible Islands is unreal!

We would wake up by 4am almost every morning to get an early start on the water and waking up that early had its advantages.  First off we beat the afternoon wind which helped make paddling easier.  Second off… the colors!  Waking up at that time one could see some of the most beautiful and indescribable colors known to man.

I woke up at 3:50am on Theif Island and upon opening my eyes I see the night sky still dark and clear with stars shining bright.  To the east I saw the night sky fade from dark to light purple and then along the horizon a dim orange-ish pink.  Once 4:30am rolled around the dark sky and stars were gone and the purple color turned to blue and that dim orang-ish pink color was now becoming yellow and bright.  Finally the sun appeared and a great ball of orange light arose from the horizon and the cool air turned warm.

Expedition Team

The month of July went by fast and the beauty I was able to encounter was life changing.  I am happy to have been apart of this expedition and look forward to many more expeditions just like it.

Thanks for taking the time to read and check out my pictures.  I have just embarked on another journey and am headed to the West for a week.  I will post pictures when I return!

Cheers – Matthew.


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