Sights from Squam Lake

Sunset on Squam

This past week I was fortunate enough to spend a week on Squam Lake with eleven amazing people.  I was one of three leaders that took a group of incoming freshman to spend the week on Moon Island.  We paddled all over Squam and were able to explore surrounding islands and trails.  We hiked East and West Rattlesnake taking the Butterworth Trail to the Ridge Trail.  The sunsets were beautiful and the time spent on the water was calm and relaxing.  Below are a few pictures I was able to capture throughout the week.

East and West Rattlesnake

WMO 2012
Myself, Alex, and Lauren

The week went by fast and the amount of fun I had with my co-leaders and participants was worth every minute.  Lauren, good luck in Colorado and Alex have a great semester with NOLS.  I had a great time meeting each participant and I wish you all the best of luck here at PSU.  You will all do great and will absolutely fall in love with the surrounding Mountains and Lakes that New Hampshire has to offer.  Get involved and step outside of your comfort zone every once and awhile.  Live life on the edge and enjoy every minute.


– Matthew



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