Hello! Lets revive this site!

Amanda taking a field bearing w/ compass


So hello people who read this.  I haven’t posted anything since September for a few reasons.  One my camera is a little busted.  Two I have been using a Cannon AE 1 program 35mm camera for the past 3 months.

I will try and get some of those pictures up on the site.  I’ll have to find a scanner though… we will see when that happens!

Anyways.  This picture I posted is of Amanda on the summit of Mount Potash.  I got back from Snowbird Utah on Sunday night and we took the time on Monday to make this hike happen.  It was a beautiful day with super good weather.

Off to St. Louis for Thanksgiving.  Excited to come home and see the people I love and miss.

I will try and scan some of my 35mm photographs and get them up here as soon as I can.

Take care and keep checking back for updates.

– matthew


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