Back in the White Mountains

View from Porch

Having moved back up to the White Mountains a few weeks back, my family and I are fortunate to have this view from our home.  We were longing to be back in the White Mountains for the past two years and although we were happy in Southern New Hampshire nothing beats the views and the lifestyle up in the White Mountains.

Morning View

A good friend of ours was visiting this past weekend from Montana and while were were preparing breakfast I caught sight of this beauty outside our kitchen window.  The owl stayed perched on this post for about a half hour moving it’s head periodically to scan for food.  The movement from these creatures are beautiful and so captivating that one can only stare in amazement.

White Mountain Adventures

The past two weekends here in New Hampshire have brought us great spring like weather.  Today especially was the most spring like its been since… well last spring!

Last weekend Brent and I led a student up to Franconia New Hampshire and we hiked Old Bridal Path to Mt. Lafayette.  What started as a warm sunny day turned into a world of rime ice, low visibility, and high winds! It was quite awesome navigating in the alpine zone with those conditions.  We crossed the ridge and hiked over to Mt. Lincoln and then finished at Little Haystack where the sun greeted us.  The hike down Falling Waters was fast and fun and we made great time.


Franconia Ridge Trail


Brent and Matthew atop Little Haystack

Today though… here is where the story gets awesome… Mount Washington.

A group of 7 of us got together and took on the tallest peak in the North East.  We started the ascent around 9am at the Cog Railway.  We hiked up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail to Lakes of the Clouds Hut and then took the Crawford Path to the summit of Mount Washington.  The days weather couldn’t have been any better.  Blue skys, warm air and bright sun.


Blue Skys

We reached the summit of Mount Washington around 12:45pm and did the typical thing you do at the summit of a really tall mountain…


Left to right: kneeling: Teresa. standing: Amanda, Matthew, Ben, Taylor, Shane, Brent

Well the hike up went fast but the hike down…. way fast! The Ammonoosuc Ravine trail is a decently steep trail so glissading down was a no brainer.  I remember one point in particular when I could hear Taylor laughing hysterically and when I got to the steep shoot I knew this is where Taylor had found his inner child and bursted into laughter.


Shane glissading

Today’s hike was overall just grand! It’s great getting outside with the people you love and experiencing views and nature the way we did today.  I want to thank everyone who was out there today because you all played a key role in making today great.

Here are a couple extra shots for you all to check out.


The crew lounging

Hello! Lets revive this site!

Amanda taking a field bearing w/ compass


So hello people who read this.  I haven’t posted anything since September for a few reasons.  One my camera is a little busted.  Two I have been using a Cannon AE 1 program 35mm camera for the past 3 months.

I will try and get some of those pictures up on the site.  I’ll have to find a scanner though… we will see when that happens!

Anyways.  This picture I posted is of Amanda on the summit of Mount Potash.  I got back from Snowbird Utah on Sunday night and we took the time on Monday to make this hike happen.  It was a beautiful day with super good weather.

Off to St. Louis for Thanksgiving.  Excited to come home and see the people I love and miss.

I will try and scan some of my 35mm photographs and get them up here as soon as I can.

Take care and keep checking back for updates.

– matthew